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Holiday Decoration Storage
January 3, 2021

Follow Our Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Ready to say good-bye to the holidays until next year? Pack away all your holiday decorations into self storage at Defender Self Storage in Lorain OH or Penn Hills PA. Our two storage facilities are temperature-controlled with a range of storage unit sizes to choose from. Call your local Defender Self Storage office to speak with a storage expert who can help you find exactly what you need. Follow our holiday decoration storage tips below to pack away everything securely!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Give Your Christmas Trees Protection

If you plan on putting your artificial Christmas tree into storage, you should take some precautions. Wrap it up gently before placing it in its original box or in a tree bag. It just needs protection against its surroundings so it does not get misshapen or lose too many needles.

Pad Ornament Boxes

Ornaments sold a lot of memories for us, and they are essential for Christmas tree decorating. But to make sure they make it to a new year, you have to give them extra care. Glass ornaments should be wrapped individually, while normal ornaments should be alright with some padding in a box. Filling the extra space in the box with bubble wrap or newspaper will help keep them from crashing around.

Create a Wrapping Supplies Box

If you have not already, a wrapping supplies box is a handy tool for holidays and birthday. You can keep all your wrapping supplies handy in a slick container under your bed, over your door, or in your closet. You can also keep everything in your Defender Self Storage storage unit in a moisture-proof container.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips & Self Storage Units

Hopefully our holiday decoration storage tips gave you some ideas for starting the job. Do you live in Lorain OH or Penn Hills PA? Defender Self Storage is your trusted source for affordable storage units near you. We have temperature-controlled storage units at both locations that can be used for residential or commercial storage. Our storage experts are available to help you over the phone or on-site. Rent your storage online today!

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