5 Apartment Storage Tips

5 Apartment Storage Tips

Smaller storage units at Defender Self Storage can act as another closet, a shed, or even a location for business inventory. This month we have Penn Hills PA apartment storage tips to share with you. Find answers for storing your belongings when extra space at home is low.

Our Penn Hills PA storage units are a practical choice if you are renting, or transitioning to another home. We are conveniently located in Penn Hills PA and support the businesses, college students, and homeowners in Verona PA, Oakmont PA, and Plum PA.

Apartment Storage Tips

  1. Seasonal items like outdoor equipment or camping supplies may be better stored with Defender Self Storage. Our small storage units provide ample amounts of space for storing these items you do not need all year round.
  2. Moving from a house to an apartment is a great way to save money but where do you store your furniture? Our temperature controlled storage units, are ideal for movers.
  3. Maybe your whole family needs extra space. Section off a part of the storage unit and clearly mark who’s belongings are who’s.
  4. College dorm rooms are not known for their storage space, so once under the bed bins are full, rent a small storage unit for the rest. Many on campus organizations can benefit from the having their promotional gear safely stored with us as well.
  5. Kids require a lot of time, patience, and space. A growing family in a small space is a challenge but move the extra furniture to a storage unit and make room for your family.

Along with these Penn Hills PA apartment storage tips, our Defender Self Storage experts are waiting to answer your questions. Save valuable space in the apartment or around the house with our storage options.

Looking for a new place? Start your process online with Zillow or Trulia; both of these sites provide options for renters and homeowners. While searching for the place, prepare with a self storage unit at Defender Self Storage.

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