5 Holiday Storing Tips for New Year Organizing

Is January your time to clean up? New year, new space! Make the most of your storage space with the help of these 5-holiday storing tips. Defender Self Storage is here for all the life transitions, new baby, kids moving to college, even retirement, but this month we want to help around the house. Use these ingenious ideas for storing!

String of lights - Holiday Storing

Creative Holiday Storing Tips

  1. Reuse cardboard tubes – great for cords!
  2. Use plastic bins! Contents inside are visible.
  3. Shelving units can keep your storage unit clean.
  4. Hang wreaths with large bags on top to keep dust off.
  5. Takeout cup carriers are helpful for fragile ornaments.

Whether you decorate every inch of the yard or keep it simple, a storage unit can make packing away the holidays that much easier.

Storing With Us

What should you expect when storing at our Penn Hills PA storage facility? Defender Self Storage works with each customer to ensure each storage experience is exactly what they need.

What To Know Before Storing

  1. Find local storage.
  2. Determine your storage unit size.
  3. Ensure your belongings are ready for long term storage.
  4. Check out our affordable storage prices.

Talk with our team of professionals today! Defender Self Storage can be your solution for reclaiming space in 2020.

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