Self Storage Tips: Storing Summer Gear

What do you need to know to start storing your summer gear? Defender Self Storage has gathered a few self storage tips to make the transition to cooler weather a little easier. Our Penn Hills PA  self storage has storage space large enough to store your boxes of decorations and summer items in a secure place. Now is a great time to pack away the pool toys and make room for winter clothes with self storage.

End of Summer Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips Penn Hills PA

  • If you are storing canoes, boats, or kayaks place a few DampRid containers around your unit and in the boats to absorb any leftover water.
  • Restaurants, are you closing your patio for the season? Apply a fresh coat of paint and cover to patio furniture before placing these items in storage.
  • If your cushions are looking a little warn from the heat rays, clean them or replace them before next year.
  • Avoiding a chemical spill is easy with a shelving unit for pool chemicals. A single layer is better than stacking these containers and having to clean up a mess later.
  • Utensils and grates from the grill should look like new before going into the storage unit. Rodents are kept out with our preventative pest control but cleaning the grill before storage is one way you can help keep them from getting into your unit.
  • Inspect garden tools before storing. Replace or repair tools that are broken or need sharpening.
  • Flammable liquids, like gas and oil, should be drained from lawn mowers, tillers, and chainsaws, if moving them into storage.

Now that your shed and garage are ready for the latest snow tools, Defender Self Storage will keep a close watch over your belongings. Have a successful transition to fall with Penn Hills PA self storage from the experts you trust and self storage tips you need. Our storage professionals are ready to guide you through renting a storage unit for the winter. Call, email, or find a unit online!

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