Top 6 Self Storage Tips for Vehicles This Winter

With winter around the corner there is not better time to prepare for self storage. Defender Self Storage offers Penn Hills PA storage solutions for your valuables when it is near freezing as well as when the heat wave kicks in. Our storage experts provide the knowledge you need to store your household items as well as a few tips to winterize your vehicle.

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Top 6 self storage tips for storing during winter

  • Breathable covers are helpful for all items while in the storage unit. Use a heavy duty outdoor cover for cars, to keep the snow off.
  • Same as cleaning your clothes before storage, clean your car inside and out.
  • For any appliances moving into storage for the winter, remove the battery; this also applies to vehicles sitting for an extended time.
  • While you are changing or emptying the oil in your lawn mower, do the same for your car. A stabilizer will keep gas lines open and sediment from settling.
  • If you seal up the exhaust with steel wool before storage to keep pests out, leave a note to remove this from the tailpipe come spring.
  • Take your batteries with you and place them on a tender. This will prevent you from having to replace them in a few months.

Defender Self Storage offers all interior storage options, which keep household items safe from the winter chill. When you need an interior storage unit or tips for winterizing your vehicle, our experts can help. Prepare your belongings for winter with our storage units in Penn Hills PA and find helpful ways to store your vehicle.

Our Penn Hills PA storage units may not be suitable for storing your car indoors but our tips will get you started. Let us know other questions you may have for your hard to store items.

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