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Back To School Tips With Local Storage

As summer comes to a close what are you going to do with all the seasonal items? The garage may be full of bikes and this past summer’s projects so your space may be limited if you wanted to park the car in the garage during winter. Defender Self Storage is your local storage in Penn Hills PA ideal for helping you store your seasonal items and clean out the garage. Get ready for back to school with these tips for around the house and in your storage unit.

Storing Your Seasonal Belongings

  1. Use a sturdy shelf to keep your camping gear organized.
  2. Use clear bins to categorize beach supplies, camping utensils, yard toys, etc at the storage unit.
  3. Keep canoes and other boats off the hard ground with a ratchet system or shelf in your storage unit.
  4. Take care of lawn equipment with a yearly maintenance check, change the oil, inflate the tires to the recommended PSI, and clean off dirt.

Back To School Home Improvements

  1. Never forget school supplies again! Grab a few extra school supplies and make a pencil bag in case of emergencies.
  2. Make a grab-n-go station near the door with a spot for bookbags, shoes, lunch bags, and a message board for any last-minute notes.
  3. Use apps to keep the family organized. Cozi is a great family organizer or use a shared Google calendar for after school activities.
  4. Label the kids’ water bottle, lunch box, and other loose supplies to avoid any confusion between the bus ride and the classroom.
  5. Plan lunches and dinners ahead of schedule to make the week less hectic.

Helping the kids on the bus or getting your garage ready for winter, Defender Self Storage can help! Our local storage in Penn Hills PA is just outside Pittsburgh PA, so finding the storage space for your belongings is close by. Rent online today to get ready for cooler weather and save time!

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