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Exploring how self storage might be able to benefit you? We know that one of the main worries in new tenants is security. Whether you are new to self storage in general or you are new to the facility, you want to be sure you have proper access and surveillance features that satisfy your needs. At Defender Self Storage, safeguarding your possessions is our top priority. Take a look at our different security features, and see how renting self storage space can keep your mind at ease when renting sentimental objects and valuables.

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Table of Contents

I. The Security Benefits of Self Storage

II. Defender Self Storage’s Security Features

temperature-controlled storage units at Defender Self Storage in Penn Hills, PA

The Benefits of Securing Your Belongings in a Self Storage Facility

When entrusting your belongings to a self storage facility, you want the best protection available. Compare your local options to see what is available near you, and do your research to ensure proper security measures are in place. Here are a few advantages that those security features will bring.

Ensuring Tranquil Days and Nights:

Our security measures extend beyond mere functionality—they are crafted to provide peace of mind to every renter. The integration of gated access, vigilant security cameras, and secure keypad entry guarantees the continuous protection of your items—free from the concern of potential threats.

Preserving Your Valuable Assets:

Recognizing that many renters store items with significant financial or sentimental value, our security features discourage theft or vandalism. Opting for a facility that prioritizes security is an assertive measure to protect your investment and ensure the enduring safety of your belongings.

Maintaining Transparency and Accountability:

Through the lens of 24-hour security cameras and detailed keypad access logs, we uphold a steadfast commitment to accountability. These tools empower us to monitor entry effectively, establishing a digital record for reference in case of suspicious activity. This aids in resolving security concerns.

Understanding Our Security Measures at Defender Self Storage

Vigilant Eyes: 24/7 Security Camera Surveillance

To bolster security, our facilities are equipped with a robust network of operational security cameras. Positioned strategically to monitor and record activities around the clock, these cameras serve as a potent deterrent to potential intruders, providing an additional layer of security for our renters. We also keep the grounds well-lit, so you can feel safe accessing your storage unit in early morning or evening hours.

Keypad Entryways

Emphasizing restricted and monitored access, each entryway is equipped with keypad access control. Tenants receive access codes, allowing only authorized individuals into the storage areas. This system not only prevents unauthorized access but also creates a detailed log of all entries and exits, establishing an auditable trail of activity for enhanced security.

Unified Security Solution for Your Peace of Mind

Defender Self Storage seamlessly integrates these advanced security features, delivering a comprehensive solution crafted to safeguard your possessions. Whether you store personal belongings, valuable items, or business inventory, trust that our security measures are in place to provide the protection you deserve.

Securing Your Valuables with Defender Self-Storage

Interested in storing with Defender Self Storage? Get started by locating the storage facility closest to you. You can browse the available storage units at each location online. Find a temperature-controlled space for your more sensitive items, or look to our drive-up storage units for greater convenience.

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To help your determine the best size fit for your needs, we have created a handy storage calculator that can suggest a storage unit size for you based on the items you are looking to store. You can also contact our office to talk through your storage needs with our experts. We are happy to guide you through our options and the storage rental process. Find your storage solution today!

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