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How to Pack Your Storage Unit Neatly

Is there a right way to pack your storage unit? Not really. But Defender Self Storage provides helpful tips on how to pack your storage unit so you can stay organized. We have two storage facilities, fully equipped with temperature-controlled storage options and the expert service to accompany them. Find our self storage in Lorain, OH, and Penn Hills, PA, or pick out your storage unit online!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Stay Organized

1. Label the Outside of Boxes and Bins

Most likely, you are storing a bunch of different kinds of items. You can mark up the box or create a cheat sheet to easily reference which of your items are which boxes. Now, you do not have to waste time searching through different boxes when you need a specific item. Just check your labels instead of opening up each container.

2. Plan Your Storage Unit Layout Ahead of Time

Protect your valuables by storing them in the back of your storage unit, and keep items that you will need to access regularly up front by the door. Setting up an aisle in your storage unit, like in the picture below, can ensure you will be able to walk through your unit to get to any box you need.

how to pack storage unit

3. Pack Boxes & Your Storage Unit Using the Same Rule: Heavy on the Bottom, Light on the Top

Heavier boxes and objects can act as a foundation to stack others on safely. Do not risk damage to your belongings by leaving heavy items to pack on top. You will save yourself time in the long run when your properly pack from the get-go. Find more packing tips from!

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Both of our storage locations offer temperature-controlled storage—ideal for long-term and short-term storage any time of year. When a storage unit is temperature controlled, it does not experience temperature changes with the outside, like an outdoor unit might. Our storage units stay in a consistent temperature range to avoid extremes, fluctuations, and damage that can come from the two. They also protect against moisture build-up to keep out mold and mildew. When you are storing items, especially for a long period of time, it is important to think about how your belongings will be effected by their environment. With Defender Self Storage, you can rest easy knowing you will return to see your items in the same excellent condition in which you left them. Get started today by renting online with Defender Self Storage near you!

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