Long Distance Moves Penn Hills PA

Moving Tips for Local & Long Distance Moves

Make long distance moves hassle free with Defender Self Storage. Moving down the street or across the state, either situation is time consuming. Defender Self Storage has moving tips, checklists, and storage options for your move.

Not only are our storage units secure, they are also climate controlled. This feature ensure your belongings are safe from high temperatures and out of high humidity. Stay on track with your move with our timeline.

Long Distance Moves Penn Hills PA

A Few Weeks Before

  1. If moving to another neighborhood, look for schools, doctors offices, dentist offices etc.
  2. Get a few quotes from local moving companies to help you pack your gear and transport it to the new location.
  3. Reserve your storage unit ahead of time! Here at Defender Self Storage, you can reserve a storage unit for when you need it.

The Week Before

  1. Verify with the moving company and our storage facility with the date of your move. We can make sure everything is ready to go before moving day.
  2. Transfer utilities so your new house has power and running water.
  3. Set your mail up for forwarding on the USPS website.

Moving Day

  1. Move your day-of box off to the side so it does not get packed with the others.
  2. Move boxes all to one location in each room and keep a clear path to the door while packing the moving truck.
  3. Do a final scan of the house, making sure you picked everything up. Once the last sweep is done, take a breath of relief the hard part is over.

A Week After

  1. Make sure you communicate your move with other agencies. Credit card companies, insurance agents, and online accounts all need to be updated.
  2. If you are a part of any government assistance programs, most require notification of a move within 10 days after you are at the new location.
  3. Notice a few needed items in your kitchen? It is very normal to get rid of expired items you forgot you had before move. Start building your pantry back up with this checklist.

Defender Self Storage is located just outside Pittsburgh PA in Penn Hills PA. If you are moving to the area and need storage, we offer a variety of solutions. Talk with us today about storage in Penn Hills PA.

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