Small Home Office Design Ideas

Small Home Office Design Ideas

Are you working from home this summer and getting distracted by the hustle and bustle of family life? Defender Self Storage has prepared a list of design ideas to transform your home office. Usually, the office space is the most neglected space in homes. Check out these design ideas that will make you want to buckle down and get things done.

Small Home Office Design Ideas

Natural Lighting

Studies suggest that we can make our workspace happier and healthier through natural lighting. Also, it makes space feel bigger. Look for a room with windows in your home for office space.


Maintaining an organized desk and office space not only allows you to remain focused but also establishes a clear separation between business and home. Also, maintaining a to-do list and keeping all office supplies at accessible space increases productivity.


The great part about working from home is that you can decide how you want your workspace to look and feel. Add some personal touch to your home office either by painting a wall or by hanging a piece of artwork.

Benefits of Self Storage

Defender Self Storage can help you set up your home office by storing all your personal belongings in one of our storage units. We have two storage facilities in Lorain, Ohio, and Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. Both of the facility offers temperature-controlled storage to protect your belongings. We also offer contactless online rentals that give you access to your storage unit right away.

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