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Tips for Packing with Our Storage Supplies

Never forget storage supplies again when storing with Defender Self Storage. We have two locations—Lorain OH and Penn Hills PA—with temperature-controlled storage units in a variety of sizes. Defender Self Storage also has your pack throughout the entire storage process. We sell storage supplies on-site at each location, so you always have access to boxes, bubble wrap, and more. Follow these tips for an easy storage experience!

1. Label Your Boxes

When you re-enter your storage unit for the first time after packing your boxes inside, you will not have any clue where certain items are. It helps to mark the box with the room of the house it will be unpacked into, so you can arrange your storage unit efficiently. You can even go as far as listing the contents of the box on the side (or make a cheat sheet) to avoid ripping through multiple boxes later to find a specific object.

2. Reserve Storage Ahead of Time

Did you know you can reserve storage units at Defender Self Storage for the future? Our contactless storage rentals give you the option to rent storage right away or reserve for later. Renting completes the transaction, and you can move in immediately. When you reserve, you do so without obligation or entering credit card information. You just have to complete the payment before your move-in date.

3. Use Correct Box Sizes

A good rule of thumb is to pack heavy items in small boxes and light objects in large boxes. This better distributes weight to avoid any injury or breaking boxes. Also be sure that your boxes are in good shape. Boxes wear out over time, and your old boxes may not be as reliable as you think they are. Stop by our office for new boxes!

When Your Buy Storage Supplies with Defender Self Storage, Everyone Wins

During the month of October, Defender Self Storage is donating a percentage of our sales from storage supplies to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help us support essential cancer research, so we can find a cure!

Defender Self Storage has offices in Lorain OH and Penn Hills PA that offer temperature-controlled storage at affordable prices. Check out our online storage calculator for help with sizing. Then rent or reserve your next storage unit with us!

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